Order the mimosa… or else.

A routine meet-up with Dot’s gal pals turns sinister when brunch alpha, Claire, suggests they see where the farm-raised sausage is made. Dot plays along to appease her friends, but the situation soon escalates beyond her control as she finds herself trapped in a twisted kitchen ritual. Will she make it out alive?


Grace Miller – Dot
Bridget Lennon – Claire
Tayler Bungo – Frankie
Meghan Weakley – Janessa


Laura Burns – Writer, Director, & Editor
Pete Septoff – Director of Photography
Patrick Egan – Sound Recordist
Paul Ezzy – Sound Recordist

Other Credits

In association with Charles River Swimming & Diving Team Films

Special thanks to The Roasted Granola and Arlington Community Media, Inc.


“There’s No Coffee in Hell” by Brian Teoh, used under CC BY-ND 3.0

“Creepy Atmo” by David Szesztay, used under CC BY-NC 3.0

“Dark Alleys” by Kai Engel, used under CC BY-NC 4.0